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  Fabrica tornillos pernos

Tornilleria Amezua, SA is a company founded in 1951, dedicated to market fasteners. The founder was Mr. Gregorio Amezua Gandiaga with the technology of the time set up this company which initially manufactured screws and bolts, as well as threaded parts from drawings, U-bolts, etc. ..

After the death of Gregory D. Amezua Gandiaga in 1988, he took charge of it his son D. Juan Gregorio Amezua Urcelay, which held a total transformation of the company in terms of technology, quality and manufacturing techniques, specializing in fasteners manufacturing, threaded studs, bolts, screws, etc. .., that is, M-14 to M-72. Actually Tornilleria Amezua, SA is consolidated as a leading company aimed at different sectors, such as wind power energy, agricultural, marine, petrochemical, etc ... 

In recent years it has been conducting an ongoing investment program, with the development of its own technology innovations, ensuring that all our products strictly meet the quality level requested.

Wind Power


Bolts to


HV fasteners to

heavy industry

 B7 fasteners to


Tornilleria sector eolico
 Tornillos pernos  
Tornilleria estructura hv Tornilleria calidad 12.9

Manufacturing of fasteners to leader companies of Wind Power industry according to U.S.  and European standards.

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Since 1951 we manufacture bolts under drawing to agriculture, integrating it selves in the innovation process of the company.

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Fasteners for high performance and resistance fasteners that protect both the safety of persons such as structural.

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Manufacture of bolts for petrochemical facilities under strict quality control and with European and U.S. standards.

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