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Since Tornilleria Amezua offers surface treatments that improve the mechanical characteristics of the manufactured products. The type of coating choice would be selected according to the application field

  • Mechanical treatments: Shot blasting, coating mechanic.
  • Surface Heat Treatment: Change the properties of a material without affecting the inside of the piece, these are: annealing, hardening, tempering, tempered.
  • Material Coating:Wear resistance or corrosion features, or to reconstruct parts: Hot dipped galvanized, electrolytic galvanizing, Dacromet, Geomet, zinc, dichromate burnished.

Wind Power


Bolts to


HV fasteners to

heavy industry

 B7 fasteners to


Tornilleria sector eolico
 Tornillos pernos  
Tornilleria estructura hv Tornilleria calidad 12.9

Manufacturing of fasteners to leader companies of Wind Power industry according to U.S.  and European standards.

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Since 1951 we manufacture bolts under drawing to agriculture, integrating it selves in the innovation process of the company.

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Fasteners for high performance and resistance fasteners that protect both the safety of persons such as structural.

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Manufacture of bolts for petrochemical facilities under strict quality control and with European and U.S. standards.

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