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Wind Power Fasteners


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At Tornilleria Amezua, we are dedicated to the manufacture of metal fasterners for wind power OEMs. The company produces special high-performance fasteners, bolts and studs, for the wind industry, integrated in the innovation process of the company since its inception.

We offer our customers a technical team able to advise and develop any type of industrial screws, giving an added value to the product satisfying customer demand in wind power.

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We design and manufacture fastener solutions for wind industry according to European quality standards and Americans, meeting the most demanding quality control systems performing a suitable heat treatment and coating , we remain the trusted provider of the leading wind energy companies

The products offered cover all needs fixing for the wind power in grades 8.8 , 10.9 and 12.9 , with different types heat treatment and coatings, Geomet and Dacromet , etc. 
  • Hex Bolts M16 - M72
  • Threaded Bolts M16 - M72
  • Studs threaded at the ends: M16 - M72
  • Bolts to foundation
  • Flange Bolts tower
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