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Heavy Industry

Indus pesada

Meeting the most demanding requirements
Since 1951

Our company is able to manufacture special fasteners by hot forging for this kind of industry since its inception in 1951. Our production is according with the most stringent quality controls in the different European and U.S. regulations.

Thanks to the selection of raw materials and our production process, the high performance and resistance of our fasteners is guaranteed to safety of people, structures and the material itself.


The special fasteners are manufactured in steel grades 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 and 14.9 and stainless steel to different applications as cranes, heavy machinery, structural or other engineering works.
  • Hex Bolts M16 - M72
  • structural fasteners HV M16 - M72
  • Bolts Φ16 - Φ72
  • Threaded bolts M16 - M72
  • Studs M16 - M72
  • 3.1b Quality certificate
  • 3.2 Quality Certificate
Fabrica tornillos B7