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petrochemical sector

Tornillos industriales

Fireproof Fasteners

We manufacture fasteners for the oil and gas industry, a sector in which safety takes precedence over the other, with rig and distribution which are more demanding level. Working conditions must be such that the components can withstand conditions of temperature, pressure and extreme fatigue, this leads to a demand for high-performance fasteners.

At Tornilleria Amezua, we manufacture metal fasteners for the petrochemical sector according to European and US standards under strict quality control.

The products offered for the oil and gas work under legislation ASTM B7 in grades 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9
  • Hex Bolts M16 - M72
  • Bolts Φ16 - Φ72
  • Studs M16 – M72
  • Threaded bolts M16 - M72
  • Surface treatments: Dacromet, Geomet, hot dip galvanized, zinc, dichromated
Tornillo B7